Strong Woman Support Network is the creation of Regina D'Alesio and Jennifer Urezzio. It is a group of innovated, successful women who are dedicated to truly offering support and service to one another.

The reason why we started the Strong Woman Support Network is, simply - what about us.

For those of us that are:

  • Always the strongest person in the room
  • Who never get asked what we can do for you?
  • Who are used to being of service

We need a place where we can be:

  • Supported
  • Nurtured
  • Vulnerable
  • Let go / Exhale
  • Learn and grow

The fundamental principle of the Strong Woman Support Network is to provide the place, the resources for those who require support, because we are always so busy supporting others.

Being a strong woman, usually means that most of our community, our family or friends do not know that we too have problems that need solution.

You no longer have to go it alone (be a lone wolf). Now you can have the support of a community with similar experiences, interests, and desires.

Join a community designed for women who are tired of being in control and are willing to let go and allow others to support their essential nature and acts of service. Women who will listen when you speak and who will provide support when you need it most.

Serving, or wanting to serve, in a big way requires resources to support your big vision.

Next Steps...

Learn more about this online community that blends learning, partnership, collaboration and support in one community.